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Friday, May 8, 2020

Why Are People Poor? Part 3


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We will continue from where we stopped yesterday. Kindly read up from part 1 & 2.

° Ignorance of what they have.

An undiscovered potential is a useless potential. Many people are poor and remain poor because they are ignorant of what they have. Moses never knew the potentials in the rod, the widow and her pot of oil etc.

° Ignorance of what they can do.

Every one can become rich and wealthy of they do what they are suppose to do. However because people don't know what they can do and what they are suppose to do, they end up poor. Your life and finances can change only of you know what you can do.

° Ignorance of what they should avoid.

There are many poverty - promoting mindset, habits, attitudes and lifestyle existing within any poor person. They don't know these things keep them poor. There are serious questions you must get answers to for you not to remain poor. These questions are,why am I poor?
What are the things I must avoid to break free from poverty?

° Ignorance of wealth creation principles and Strategies.

If all the poor people worldwide knew what steps to take to become rich and wealthy, many of them would take them.

Poor people don't invest in wealth creation training, seminars, master classes, books or materials that would help them get these principles and Strategies.

When last did you read a book on wealth creation?
When last did you attend a paid wealth creation seminar?
When last did you watch a YouTube video on wealth creation?

And you are wondering why you are broke, poor and suffering lack.

Abe wake!!!

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Why Are People Poor? Part 3

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