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Friday, May 8, 2020

Why Are People Poor? Part 1


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I have been in youth ministry for over a decade. Among the pains and pressures youths go through, one of them is coming from a poverty stricken home.

This issues has lead them into many vices such as cultism, drugs, prostitution, Addiction, thuggery, exam malpractice etc. I am not building any defence of anybody.

I am hungry to resolve these issues, I have a vision to rescuing young people from the decadence destroying the society by teaching them kingdom principles and transforming their mindset to that of a global giant.

To start in this new series, I will define poverty.

1. Poverty is the opposite of prosperity, riches and wealth.

When a man is not prosperous, rich or wealthy, he is said to be poor.

2. Poverty is a state of lack and hardship.

The United Nations define living below $2 (#720) a day as poverty and living below $1 (#360) a day as extreme poverty and billions of people in today's world live on $1 a day.

If you borrow to survive, live from hand to mouth, struggle to live a meaningful life etc, things have to change and this series can be your way out, if you learn and act.

3. Poverty is a mindset, a mentality and a paradigm.

This no doubt is the real poverty that produces the poverty we see in today's world. The internal state produces the external reality.

Poverty mentality is one of most dangerous aspects of poverty because it is the reason why many:

• Are not wealthy.
• Give excused for their irresponsibility.
• Consume all they get without saving.
• Think quantity over quality.
• Think compensation instead of value creation.
• Choose instant gratification above delayed gratification.

There are different dimensions to poverty.
Financial poverty
Mental poverty which is lack of ideas.
Social poverty which is barrenness of good and quality relationships.

Physical poverty is poor health and health is wealth.
Knowledge poverty which is lack of skills, knowledge and information needed for progress.

Spiritual poverty which is the worst kind of poverty. It is the poverty of the spirit and soul. After all, where will you spend eternity. Money and possession are meaningless in the afterlife.

People are poor and remain poor because they don't know why they are poor. When people don't know what fueled or caused their poverty they continue in ignorance and still remain in poverty.

If you keep doing things the way you have been doing it, you will continue to get the result you have been getting.

This is just the starting.
Stay turned for more from tommorow.

I hope this blessed you.

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Why Are People Poor? Part 1

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