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Friday, May 8, 2020

Get Rid Of This Cancer Called Complaining.


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Complaining is a cancer that kills. It kills faster and deeper than Covid 19. It produces destructive and harmful hormones in your body.

It makes you lay blame, give excuses and shift responsibility to others which in itself is a sign of failure.

I have never seen a complainer who became great. All great leaders, inventors and wealthy men moved from complainers to creators and solution providers.

Marthin lurther King Jr, mother Theresa, Gandhi, Nelson Mandela, Pastor Iyke Oyeka etc they saw the challenges and problems but refused to stay as complainers but moved to birth solutions. This made their names to be written in the archives of history and sands of time.

You can never be strategic or innovative by complaining. Friends Crisis is the mother of inventions. Purge yourself of this cancer in this season.Complaining is ingratitude, it blinds you to the good that you have enjoyed and enjoying.

Do you know you are alive today is good news?
Do you know that you are not infected by Covid 19 is good news?
Do you know that you can afford to even buy food that is now expensive is good news, many cannot?
Do you know that youn are healthy enough to be able to eat your food is good news, many can't eat?

Be grateful, show appreciation to God. Celebrate this awesome moment life has given us today. See the brighter side in this crisis.
The attitude of gratitude will make every good thing, including creative and innovative ideas to gravitate towards you.

Finally take this pill in and it will be painful but redeeming.

Complaining and murmuring opens the door of your life to the destroyer. It shuts down your mind and makes it bankrupt of ideas. Things will begin to die in your hands, get lost in your hands and finish in your hands.

It beings heaviness with it and heaviness is a demonic spirit. You will lose vigour, energy and physical strength. You will lose spiritual and mental balance. Your capital will vanish, opportunities will dwindle, things you had capacity to overcome will overwhelm you. Your glory will turn to shame, miracles to obstacles etc.

Joy is medicinal,gratitude is optional. You choose to be grateful. Rejoice I say rejoice. This must surely be the best time of our lives. All things are working for our good. When men say there is a going down, we say there is a rising. We are made for the top. This is a time we will laugh and enjoy life.

It is our season of abundance.
I hope I was not to hard on you. You know I love you and will always tell you the bitter truth for your growth and development.

Be safe and keep to instructions given by health professionals.

You are protected, covered and secured by Jesus. Take communion.
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Get Rid Of This Cancer Called Complaining.

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