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Friday, May 8, 2020

Why Are People Poor? Part 3

We will continue from where we stopped yesterday. Kindly read up from part 1 & 2.

° Ignorance of what they have.

An undiscovered potential is a useless potential. Many people are poor and remain poor because they are ignorant of what they have. Moses never knew the potentials in the rod, the widow and her pot of oil etc.

° Ignorance of what they can do.

Every one can become rich and wealthy of they do what they are suppose to do. However because people don't know what they can do and what they are suppose to do, they end up poor. Your life and finances can change only of you know what you can do.

° Ignorance of what they should avoid.

There are many poverty - promoting mindset, habits, attitudes and lifestyle existing within any poor person. They don't know these things keep them poor. There are serious questions you must get answers to for you not to remain poor. These questions are,why am I poor?
What are the things I must avoid to break free from poverty?

° Ignorance of wealth creation principles and Strategies.

If all the poor people worldwide knew what steps to take to become rich and wealthy, many of them would take them.

Poor people don't invest in wealth creation training, seminars, master classes, books or materials that would help them get these principles and Strategies.

When last did you read a book on wealth creation?
When last did you attend a paid wealth creation seminar?
When last did you watch a YouTube video on wealth creation?

And you are wondering why you are broke, poor and suffering lack.

Abe wake!!!

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Hard Truth For Mentors

There are truths and experience in my life as a mentor that sometimes it is difficult to bear or chew but it does not stop them from being the truth.

No 1 . Men will leave you and follow another.

This can be painful especially when you were the one that raised them. I have seen many young people I poured my time, experience, resources, life and they still left me.

It pained me then but I know better now.

There are many reasons they leave you.
a. Offense
b. When they feel they are been under used.
c. When they feel they are not been rewarded or appreciated.
d. When someone else offers them something better.

e.When they feel you can no more feed them or move them to their next level in life.

Kia!!! This is where I will make my tent.
As a mentor this reason can Pierce your heart but to be sincere, this could be true.

Mentors when you refuse to grow, proteges can outgrow you. And when they do, they look for another.

Mentor fight to keep growing, remain at the cutting edge.

Don't lie in bitterness, tell yourself the truth. You don't have a growth plan

You don't go for conferences.
You no more have set apart's to pray and fast.
You don't read books, watch videos etc.
You don't travel for exposures.
You don't go for paid meetings to upgrade.
You don't build new allies that will challenge you and make you know you have not even started.

Wake you, see what Isaiah said

Isaiah 60:1 AMPC
ARISE [from the depression and prostration in which circumstances have kept you–rise to a new life]! Shine (be radiant with the glory of the Lord), for your light has come, and the glory of the Lord has risen upon you! [Zech. 8:23.]

Let me tell you the hard truth!!!!
When you don't look like the future your proteges desires.
They will leave you.

Always reinvent yourself, upgrade, update, be current, be fresh and new.

The spirit of God, is the spirit of freshness, newness and present. He is the custodian of mysteries, truth and revelation. He is master of transformation.

Become the change your proteges desire. Remember you are a leader.once you are no longer leading the way and confused. They will leave you.

Protege be very wise to always celebrate, honor and stay connected to that man that raised you. Learn to frequently honor as you move to your next level.

That a house left the foundation level and is at the root level does not mean, foundation is still not very relevant to the building. When the flood and wind will come. Then you will know why the foundation is there.

I hope you know, you have not left your physical father. A word is enough for the wise.

I hope this blessed you.

Wisdom on pebbles

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I Am A Ritualist Sorry Spiritualist

Stay with me before drawing conclusion. Spiritual is a combination of two words "Spirit" and "Ritual".

Ritual is a set of fixed actions and sometimes words performed regularly, especially as part of a ceremony.

Spirit-ritual are set of activities or actions that provokes, activates and invokes spirits.

In the market place if you are not a ritualist, you may end up being used for ritual.

For the occult world they use animals, human parts and blood to invokes spirit that assist them accomplish great fit.

They fraternize with spirit and get empowered to do the unusual and extra ordinary. The supernatural is simply Superior to the natural.

But in the kingdom our rituals include prayer, fasting, worship, praise, evangelism, kingdom service, tithes, offering and more especially sacrificial seed which is "blood".

In the realm of the spirit blood speak volume and is a respected element.

When occultist want to invoke spirits they do incantations, but when I want to invoke spirits I speak in tongues.

The spirits occultist invoke are demons. The spirits I invoke are angels. Light is stronger than darkness.

Friends invoke your spirits, they are your advantage in the market place.

So next time you say I am spiritual, I hope you understand what you mean.

It means I mingle, interact and associate with spirits. I operate from a world beyond this world that governs this world. It also means I am supernatural, not ordinary.

I hope you are blessed.

Hebrews 12:22‭-‬24 GNB
Instead, you have come to Mount Zion and to the city of the living God, the heavenly Jerusalem, with its thousands of angels. You have come to the joyful gathering of God's firstborn, whose names are written in heaven. You have come to God, who is the judge of all people, and to the SPIRITS of good people made perfect. You have come to Jesus, who arranged the new covenant, and to the sprinkled blood that promises much better things than does the blood of Abel.

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Why Are People Poor? Part 2

I started a new series with the topic above. Today we take a dive. Kindly read the scriptures below.

Jeremiah 5:4 KJV
Therefore I said, Surely these are POOR; they are foolish: for they know not the way of the Lord , nor the judgment of their God.

Luke 4:18 KJV
The Spirit of the Lord is upon me, because he hath anointed me to preach the gospel to the POOR;

Many christains don't know that the scriptures address issues on poverty and the poor. These scripture show a strong revelation.

The first scripture shows us the reason for poverty is ignorance. The second scripture shows us the cure of poverty is knowledge (you can call it inspiration, information or revelation).

So the number one reason for poverty and why people are poor is"IGNORANCE" Regardless of their age, race, gender, religion, title or location including occupation.


It is a clear secret that knowledge is power and lack of it is powerlessness. Ignorance is darkness, it is very deadly. More deadly than demons, devils and even corona virus as quoted by Ejike Paul.

Many people are first class students in the school of ignorance.

From territories to territories or nation to nation you will take note that people who are poor fall under five categories.

° 1. Ignorance of who they are.

I have this powerful quote

"THE IGNORANCE of your IDENTITY is the loss of your DIGNITY that makes you a NONENTITY. But the REVELATION of your IDENTITY is the RESTORATION of your DIGNITY that makes you a PRINCIPALITY in the SOCIETY filling your life with PROSPERITY and AUTHORITY to enjoy POSTERITY"

Many people are poor because they don't know who they are. If you discover the real you as intended by our creator, it will be difficult for you to settle for a life of poverty and hardship.

Part 3 continues this evening.
Just stay tuned with me and you are guaranteed to get our of lack and hardship in this season.

I love you and want the best for you.

I hope this blessed you.

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Why Are People Poor? Part 1

I have been in youth ministry for over a decade. Among the pains and pressures youths go through, one of them is coming from a poverty stricken home.

This issues has lead them into many vices such as cultism, drugs, prostitution, Addiction, thuggery, exam malpractice etc. I am not building any defence of anybody.

I am hungry to resolve these issues, I have a vision to rescuing young people from the decadence destroying the society by teaching them kingdom principles and transforming their mindset to that of a global giant.

To start in this new series, I will define poverty.

1. Poverty is the opposite of prosperity, riches and wealth.

When a man is not prosperous, rich or wealthy, he is said to be poor.

2. Poverty is a state of lack and hardship.

The United Nations define living below $2 (#720) a day as poverty and living below $1 (#360) a day as extreme poverty and billions of people in today's world live on $1 a day.

If you borrow to survive, live from hand to mouth, struggle to live a meaningful life etc, things have to change and this series can be your way out, if you learn and act.

3. Poverty is a mindset, a mentality and a paradigm.

This no doubt is the real poverty that produces the poverty we see in today's world. The internal state produces the external reality.

Poverty mentality is one of most dangerous aspects of poverty because it is the reason why many:

• Are not wealthy.
• Give excused for their irresponsibility.
• Consume all they get without saving.
• Think quantity over quality.
• Think compensation instead of value creation.
• Choose instant gratification above delayed gratification.

There are different dimensions to poverty.
Financial poverty
Mental poverty which is lack of ideas.
Social poverty which is barrenness of good and quality relationships.

Physical poverty is poor health and health is wealth.
Knowledge poverty which is lack of skills, knowledge and information needed for progress.

Spiritual poverty which is the worst kind of poverty. It is the poverty of the spirit and soul. After all, where will you spend eternity. Money and possession are meaningless in the afterlife.

People are poor and remain poor because they don't know why they are poor. When people don't know what fueled or caused their poverty they continue in ignorance and still remain in poverty.

If you keep doing things the way you have been doing it, you will continue to get the result you have been getting.

This is just the starting.
Stay turned for more from tommorow.

I hope this blessed you.

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5 Appetite You Must Control Before They Wreck You

In my deep and elaborate study of the ant, I got alot of discoveries. In just one of many discoveries, I discovered the ant is SELF GOVERNED, CONTROLLED & DISCIPLINED.

As little as this creature is scriptures say they have no leader, chief, or ruler but they know the right things to do.

The ant does not need a baby sitter or supervisor to do the right things. Is this not an irony that a creature whose brain has just 200,000 cells teaches us men who have 10,000,000 cell in our brain how to leave in wisdom.

The ant understands self leadership. This means to be in control of you. You are to tell yourself when to fast and when to eat. You are to tell you when to sleep & when to wake up.

For you to attend greatness and success you must have control of your appetite.

There are 5 major appetites you must rule over cos if they rule over you. Your destiny will surely shipwreck.

1. Appetite for Food
2. Appetite for Sex
3. Appetite for Money
4. Appetite for Power
5. Appetite for Sleep

Any man of earth that rules over these appetite is guaranteed to succeed in any area of his life. Study the wealthy, the great and the successful. They have control over these appetites.

Many in scriptures lost their visions, their glory, their thrones, their destinies and other powerful things that money can not buy because they don't have control of their appetite.

This week I will pick them one by one to help you control them.
Still stay tuned to my series on "why people are poor". guest post submitted by churchpuls

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Get Rid Of This Cancer Called Complaining.

Complaining is a cancer that kills. It kills faster and deeper than Covid 19. It produces destructive and harmful hormones in your body.

It makes you lay blame, give excuses and shift responsibility to others which in itself is a sign of failure.

I have never seen a complainer who became great. All great leaders, inventors and wealthy men moved from complainers to creators and solution providers.

Marthin lurther King Jr, mother Theresa, Gandhi, Nelson Mandela, Pastor Iyke Oyeka etc they saw the challenges and problems but refused to stay as complainers but moved to birth solutions. This made their names to be written in the archives of history and sands of time.

You can never be strategic or innovative by complaining. Friends Crisis is the mother of inventions. Purge yourself of this cancer in this season.Complaining is ingratitude, it blinds you to the good that you have enjoyed and enjoying.

Do you know you are alive today is good news?
Do you know that you are not infected by Covid 19 is good news?
Do you know that you can afford to even buy food that is now expensive is good news, many cannot?
Do you know that youn are healthy enough to be able to eat your food is good news, many can't eat?

Be grateful, show appreciation to God. Celebrate this awesome moment life has given us today. See the brighter side in this crisis.
The attitude of gratitude will make every good thing, including creative and innovative ideas to gravitate towards you.

Finally take this pill in and it will be painful but redeeming.

Complaining and murmuring opens the door of your life to the destroyer. It shuts down your mind and makes it bankrupt of ideas. Things will begin to die in your hands, get lost in your hands and finish in your hands.

It beings heaviness with it and heaviness is a demonic spirit. You will lose vigour, energy and physical strength. You will lose spiritual and mental balance. Your capital will vanish, opportunities will dwindle, things you had capacity to overcome will overwhelm you. Your glory will turn to shame, miracles to obstacles etc.

Joy is medicinal,gratitude is optional. You choose to be grateful. Rejoice I say rejoice. This must surely be the best time of our lives. All things are working for our good. When men say there is a going down, we say there is a rising. We are made for the top. This is a time we will laugh and enjoy life.

It is our season of abundance.
I hope I was not to hard on you. You know I love you and will always tell you the bitter truth for your growth and development.

Be safe and keep to instructions given by health professionals.

You are protected, covered and secured by Jesus. Take communion.
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